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Jumat, 04 Juli 2008

Duke of Mount Deer 2000

There is something that just seems right when satirical director/producer Wong Jing takes on the ultimate satire: "Duke of Mount Deer" (Lu Din Ji). "Duke of Mount Deer 2000" is Wong Jing's second effort to adapt this classical story by Jin Yong. His first effort was a pair of movies in the early 90s call "The Royal Tramp" starring Stephen Chow as the unforgettable Wei Xiaobao. While the movies were based on the book by Jin Yong, they focus much more on making fun of popular movies at the time, such as "Swordsman 2." As a result, there were much detractions from the original story line, albeit not as bad as "The Swordsman" trilogy.

While there are still some slapstick moments, such as references to Jin Yong, "Young Hero Fong Sai Yuk", and "Huan Zhu Ge Ge" in the actual dialogue of the story, the TV series tuned down the ridiculous slapstick antics of the movie into a more dramatic show. The main reason behind this is the fact that Dicky Cheung stars as Wei Xiaobao rather than Stephen Chow. "Duke of Mount Deer 2000" follows a plot that is remarkably similar to the plot of the 2 movies, resulting in an story that does not quite link together as well as other adaptations. The reason for this is that the movies had to resolve their plots, therefore when linked together, the stories seem to have little connection. Of course, there was much that the movies left out, and for plot points in which the movies left out, "Duke of Mount Deer 2000" follows the original story closer than the plot points which the movies covered. Overall, be warned, this adaptations varies more from the original story than any other adaptation of Jin Yong novels.

One of the main reasons that "Duke of Mount Deer" is so much admired is because of the character of Wei Xiaobao. Wong Jing changed many things about the character of Xiaobao including some of the most fundamental morals of the character, yet he still managed to very lovable character despite the changes. The main reason is because Dicky Cheung did such wonderful job of portraying a different Wei Xiaobao than the one that we are used to. Dicky's Xiaobao actually has guts, he is rarely scared throughout the entire story. Also, the story itself tries to justify Xiaobao's amazing luck with women, it tries to make it seem that he deserves these women; a futile task if you ask me, but the story nevertheless attempts this. The story actually has the girls follow Xiaobao around for a long time, during which he goes to hell and back for each one of them at least once, before he finally marries them "in name and in action." This, of course, gives Xiaobao some honor that he never ever, ever came close to having in the original story. And also, what is with Dicky Cheung's characters and their moms? The moms of the character that Dicky plays always features prominently in his stories, as it does in this series and in "Young Hero Fong Sai Yuk." Is there a reason behind that one?
40eps -- 5dvd -- Subs Indo[end]

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