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Selasa, 22 Juli 2008


The story line of Meteor Garden is quite simple. Four rich, handsome university boys who are students at a prestigious private college in Taiwan make up the main characters. They are played by the group F4. Not surprisingly, one of them falls in love with a beautiful, shy and somewhat ordinary girl, Shancai (played by Xu Xiyuan) from a poor, poverty stricken family. It is this simple Cinderella story that has caused some fans to give up two months worth of salary to travel thousand miles to meet F4. With the popularity of this television series, it was a shocking and unexpected blow to millions of fans to find that the Chinese government has ordered the banning of Meteor Garden in mainland China.
Here is the puzzle, what is it about this fairy tale that captures the hearts of so many? Deng Lijun (Teresa Teng), who once sang of sugary love and effervescent dreams earned the adoration of fans across all Chinese speaking regions. With Meteor Garden, the audience is not limited to any one age group or gender. Females, males, young and old alike seem to be drawn to this show. To our writers, the social variables of a simple TV series like Meteor Garden and what they point to is baffling. Thus, we sent out a series of requests to fans from China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, and invited them to explain this puzzle. Overwhelmingly, we received many enthusiastic and continuous replies within just few days. The following are some selected feedback:

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