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Minggu, 20 Desember 2009

Demi Gods Semi Devils

Kiu Fung (Felix Wong) is a legendary martial artist. It is often said “North Kiu Fung, South Mo Yung” showing his dominance in martial arts prowess. He is extremely well-respected as the charismatic leader of the Beggar Clan, the largest clan in China at the time. Things turn around, however, when the wife of the vice-leader of the clan takes a liking to him. Kiu Fung has strong morals and a strong dignity and refuses to succumb to her seduction, which causes her to resent him. Because of this, she discloses the truth about Kiu Fung’s true identity/background, which even Kiu Fung was unaware of, ultimately resulting in his forced resignation as leader of the clan. From there, Kiu Fung sets out on a journey to discover the truth about his identity and past and swears vengeance to all that were responsible for the death of his parents. Along his journey he meets Ah Zhue (Jay Lau), one of the Mo Yung clan’s maids, who follows him throughout his journey and assists him. Kiu Fung and Ah Zhue fall for each other, but although she tries to persuade him to give up on revenge, Kiu Fung refuses and continues on the search for the murderer of his parents.

Duen Yue (Benny Chan Ho-Man) is the prince of the Dai-Lei country, son of Duen Jing-Sun, brother of Duen Jing-Ming who is the king of Dai Lei. Duen Yue is extremely peaceful and carefree. Being raised in the palace, he is unaware of the dangers of the world outside. He also shares the same attractive features of his father, who is known for being quite the playboy. Eventually along his journey he encounters a girl named Jung Ling who saves him when he tries to stop a clan battle and make peace between the two clans. However, they are both captured eventually but he is let free to go and retrieve the antidote for the clans because they were poisoned by Jung Ling. On his journey to find Jung Ling’s parents, he stumbles into a cave with a statue. In order to pay his respects, he bows his head (kow tow) to the statue a thousand times. The pillow tears open on the thousandth time and Duen Yue finds various scrolls of martial arts. He eventually decides to learn the Ling Bor Mei Bo, a kung fu that will allow him to run at quickened speeds, useful for escaping danger. He eventually manages to save Jung Ling. Along his journeys, Duen Yue meets various ladies, many of which fall for him, but nonee manage to steal his heart away other than Wong Yu Yeen (Carmen Lee Yeurk-Tung), who is the cousin of the legandary Mo Yung Fook (Cheung Kwok Keung). However, she does not share the same feelings for Duen Yue as there is nobody but her Mo Yung Fook in her heart, but Duen Yue does not give up so easily.

Hui Jook is a lowly monk in Shaolin. He accidentally stumbles upon a chess tournament staged by a disciple of Siu Yiu Pai. Many famous martial artists are there, including Mo Yung Fook himself and Duen Yue. The chess setup is staged to make the opponent think about their greatest troubles. Duen Yue is unable to pass because his love for Wong Yu Yeen troubles his mind too much. Hui Jook, on the other hand, has no troubles and is able to solve the chess tournament by randomly placing pieces. He is then knocked into a cave where he meets Mo Ngai Tzi, the leader of the Siu Yiu Pai. He passes on his position as leader to Hui Jook, and even transfers his internal energy to him. After doing so, he gives Hui Jook the jade ring of leadership and tells him to find his lover to teach him the martial arts of Siu Yiu Pai. Hui Jook still has trouble accepting this, but eventually he meets Lo Lo, who was also a Siu Yiu Pai disciple and had a secret admiration for Mo Ngai Tzi. Upon seeing the ring she takes Hui Jook in immediately and asks him about Mo Ngai Tzi’s well-being, and is devastated when she learns that he is dead. She forces Hui Jook into Siu Yiu Pai although Hui Jook resists and insists that he is still a disciple of Shaolin. Upon hearing this, Lo Lo tempts Hui Jook into breaking many of the disciplines (forcing him to eat meat, drink wine, etc.). Hui Jook eventually gives in to becoming the Siu Yiu Pai leader, although he still prioritizes Shaolin.

Duen Yue and Kiu Fung first meet at a tavern when Duen Yue took notice of Kiu Fung and thought that he must be of a great hero. He went over and sat with Kiu Fung and drank wine with him. However, nobody has the same level of tolerance as Kiu Fung, and Duen Yue soon finds himself at his limit. He then uses his martial arts to push the wine out of his fingers, and continues drinking. When they are done drinking, Kiu Fung admires Duen Yue’s tolerance and then challenges him to a quick race. Duen Yue is able to keep up as a result of his Ling Bor Mei Bo, and Kiu Fung admires him even more for how awake he is even after all that wine. Duen Yue then reveals his trick to Kiu Fung, and because of this, Kiu Fung admires his honesty and decides to become sworn brothers with him. Later on, Duen Yue meets Hui Jook. Because of a similar interest in Buddhist interests and peace, Duen Yue and Hui Jook become good friends quickly. Duen Yue, admiring Hui Jook, asks if he would like to become sworn brothers and Hui Jook agrees. Because of Hui Jook’s relationship with Duen Yue and Duen Yue’s relationship with Kiu Fung, Hui Jook treats Kiu Fung as his brother as well, and is not hesitant to assist Kiu Fung in a time of need. Kiu Fung sees this good nature in Hui Jook and is more than willing to accept him as a brother, and together the three overcome many challenges together.

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